Born in Mexico into humble circumstances, he is the first Hispanic to lead a major airline and twice named to Hispanic Magazine

“Most Influential Hispanics.”

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Born in Mexico into humble circumstances, he is the first Hispanic to lead a major airline and twice named to Hispanic Magazine “Most Influential Hispanics.”

The Path

Prior to United, he held executive positions at North American rail-based transportation supplier CSX Corp, AT&T, U.S. West, PepsiCo and Coca Cola. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Salesforce, CBRE, Univision, and Archer Aviation, is an Independent Trustee on Fidelity’s Equity & High-Income Funds Board, and a member on the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board. He earned his bachelor’s in Business at University of Southern California and an MBA from Pepperdine.

Pave It Forward

He and his wife, Cathy, established the nonprofit foundation Pave It Forward, benefitting young people who like Oscar are the first in their family to attend college. One of only a few Latinx CEOs in the US, Hispanic Business magazine twice named Oscar one of its “100 Most Influential Hispanics.” He lives in Florida.

Rebuilding Corporations Through Foundational Transformation

As a consultant to businesses, Oscar provides expert advice to corporate boards and organizations through various board and committee director positions.

Board of Directors


Previous Board of Directors


Oscar Munoz served as CEO of United Airlines from 2015 - 2020, and eventually retired as Executive Chairman in 2021.

Oscar took the helm of a United that was flying through very turbulent skies, and was anything but United.

A stalled merger, dismal operational and financial performance, tortured labor relations and rock-bottom customer satisfaction and employee morale meant United was in freefall.

Within five years, United was flying high, achieving top-tier reliability and profits, winning back customer loyalty and earning the praise of each of its major union leaders. Most importantly, frontline employees were finally flying together as a team, after the turmoil of a merger that finally was ratified eight years to the day after it was begun.

Oscar credits his employees for pulling off the airline comeback story of all time, and it began with a Wall Street-defying strategy to put employees first, as the foundation of rebuilding.

Behind the scenes, another personal drama was unfolding. On Day 37 of his tenure, he suffered a massive heart attack. He woke from a coma only to fight for his job, fend off a proxy battle from activist investors, manage PR crises, all while learning the three-dimensional chess game that is required to obtain a heart transplant.

As CEO, then Chairman, he also led negotiations for the CARES Act, and helped marshal the airline sector response to Covid.

Today, Oscar remains beloved by the rank-and-file of United Airlines for his authenticity, faith in his employees, and for turning the company around by creating a New Spirit of United.